'I am so grateful to Henley Birth Care for preparing me so well for the birth of my little boy, and for all the support they gave me postnatally. They gave me such a welcoming and personal level of care that I felt hugely supported throughout, as if they were friends. The knowledge and experience Rachel and Rebecca have is exceptional - not a question went unanswered. On top of that all the little extras and pampering was a lovely touch, gave me some 'me time' and got me excited about it all. But the best part was how much they made me feel relaxed about my birth; I felt thoroughly prepared, including having leant really useful breathing techniques which definitely helped during labour, and helped me feel so prepared and supported which ultimately put me at ease throughout pregnancy, birth, and after my baby was born. Thank you so much to you all.' (Amanda B)

'We were given Rachel's name by two separate sources, and after struggling with the breastfeeding through the first few days we gave her a call. We phoned at 8pm on a Tuesday night fully expecting to get a voicemail service, but Rachel answered the phone and said she was off to another appointment, but would be able to be with us around 10.30pm if that was OK - that was perfect! Rachel has a great ability to articulate what is important to remember about breastfeeding and what we could ignore. We'd had much contradictory advice from a variety of midwives, both in and out of hospital, and Rachel cut right through that. She explained the science and theory behind breastfeeding which helped us understand the needs of our baby. She showed us feeding techniques and positions that worked for both Mother and Baby and from that visit onwards we have had no issues - it's been straightforward. She should be made the National Tsar for breastfeeding!' (Emma)

'I can't imagine what my labour would have been like without Karen, she provided support, love and care not only for me but also my husband. She was perfectly in tune with my needs and having her hand to hold meant so much, she never left my side until we were settled and secure. When the day didn't go according to my plan she was not fazed and guided me through the assisted birth of my son. Karen is one of the most treasured people I have ever met and I will always hold her dear after our Easter 2013 spent together.'

'I did Jules' Pilates class for the last three months of my pregnancy. Being a full time Mum to two children plus working from home, it was great to have dedicated time in the week to devote my attention fully to 'the bump'. The classes were a great balance of relaxation with gentle exercise and I carried on applying the principles Jules taught us long after my baby was born. The 'chat time' at the end of the session was a great opportunity to grill Jules with "ask the midwife" type questions, to meet other Mums-to-be in the local area (many of whom I still see with our babies now) and to sample Jules' yummy flapjacks! Going to the Swan once a week for Jules' classes was a real treat and I recommend it to any expectant Mums. ' (Liz x)

'Some people find breastfeeding easy: some don't. I was someone who didn't but it was very important to me, my husband and my baby. With Rachel's practical, personal and caring approach, which she tailored to my specific needs, I never once even considered giving up. With Rachel I knew I'd get there. I feel so lucky and privileged to have been supported by such an amazing, dynamic, knowing and inspirational woman. From the bottom of my heart Rachel, thank you.' (Carla)

'Karen took me on as her client even though she knew well that the birth was not going to be straight forward and that I had emotional baggage from my previous caesarean. I wanted a VBAC (vaginal birth after a caesarean) and Karen supported me in every way possible. Knowing that she was there at the end of the phone put a lot of my anxieties to rest. I trusted Karen to help me navigate my birth journey amongst hospital staff, regulations and my own body. I could not have had a positive VBAC without her. Having Karen as my doula made such a difference even to the way I was treated at hospital.'

'I have been to both Jules' postnatal and antenatal pilates classes. They have been such an important part of the past year for me. Whilst pregnant, her classes provided the perfect balance of exercise, chatting, pregnancy related talking and making new friends. I used to look forward to my hour and a half of sanctuary and I felt that it helped me bond with my baby even more. Once my baby girl was born and I had been given the all clear from the doctor, I then signed up for Jules' postnatal classes. I loved being able to take my daughter and to feel like I was doing something for me with the bonus of meeting other mummies and babies. Jules is amazing with anyone's little ones who are 'making themselves known' so that you can carry on with the exercises! I thoroughly recommend both classes to any expectant mummies, they are truly wonderful. Thank you, Jules.' (Naomi)

'We can not thank Rachel enough for the fantastic way in which she prepared us for the birth of our first son in March this year. The one to one care and attention was wonderful and she has a positive and inspirational approach to the experience of childbirth. The breathing exercises and massage techniques helped immensely, but of more benefit than anything, was the enthusiasm and confidence that she instilled in both my husband and me.' (Debbie & Lee)

'I took my son to Baby Massage run by Jules and found it to be excellent. In the first session Jules not only gave us a handmade booklet of everything we were going to do in the following weeks, but also gave us some Grapeseed Oil to use in class and at home. Both of these I found very useful. Jules was professional and informative answering all questions put to her. Jules made us feel relaxed and did not rush through any practice, making sure that at all times we were content. Jules as a person is bright, bubbly and clearly knows her stuff! We got on well. It was really great to attend Jules’s Baby Massage Class and come home with a very relaxed, chilled and happy baby. I am pleased to say I am no longer a sceptic when it comes to Baby Massage and what can be achieved through the practice. We have carried on practicing the techniques at home. I have and will continue to recommend Jules and her Baby Massage Class.' (Tanisha)

'Rachel was recommended to me by my midwife as I was struggling to breastfeed. She came the next day and I immediately felt at ease with her - she listened to me as an individual and got us feeding comfortably. She diagnosed tongue-tie and we followed her advice and had it snipped. The difference was instant, and we are now only breastfeeding and I even have a supply in the freezer!! I wish I'd known about Rachel before.' (Hazel & Rob)