Research consistently shows that one of the most important factors in good labour and birth outcomes is one-to-one care. In the busy birth suite environment, this can be difficult for midwives and doctors to achieve. A doula can expertly fulfil this role, supporting you and your partner from the very start of labour until after the birth.

The Henley Birthcare doula will ensure that you and your partner can relax, safe in the knowledge that you will not be left alone at any time and that your wishes will be relayed to the hospital staff.

She will help you understand and negotiate the hospital protocols, regimes and procedures and help to make the transfer home with your new baby stress-free.

Once home, the Henley Birthcare doula offers a ‘mother’s help’ service. She is able to help with all manner of home and baby care from shopping to taking your other children to school. She brings the added bonus of having undergone intensive additional training in all aspects of infant feeding and so can help ensure that the early days are trouble-free.

More than just a ‘paid friend’, a doula can provide an oasis of calm, experienced support at the time you need it most.

The Henley Birthcare doula has received additional training from our midwives in massage, birth preparation and infant feeding, so is uniquely placed to provide you with a seamless and integrated specialist service