We were given Rachel’s name by two separate sources, and after struggling with the breastfeeding through the first few days we gave her a call.

We phoned at 8pm on a Tuesday night fully expecting to get a voicemail service, but Rachel answered the phone and said she was off to another appointment, but would be able to be with us around 10.30pm if that was OK – that was perfect! 

Rachel has a great ability to articulate what is important to remember about breastfeeding and what we could ignore. We’d had much contradictory advice from a variety of midwives, both in and out of hospital, and Rachel cut right through that.

She explained the science and theory behind breastfeeding which helped us understand the needs of our baby. She showed us feeding techniques and positions that worked for both Mother and Baby and from that visit onwards we have had no issues – it’s been straightforward. 

She should be made the National Tsar for breastfeeding!