The Henley Birthcare infant feeding consultant, Rachel Fitz-Desorgher is internationally known as an expert in her field and has specialised in the subject of frenulae (often called “tongue-tie”) since 2002. She is both published on the subject and set up the frenulotomy clinic at the Royal Berkshire Hospital.

Although qualified to carry out frenulotomy (snipping a “tongue-tie”), she now focuses her attention on assessment of the action of a baby’s tongue and jaw in order to better determine whether or not a frenulotomy is actually needed (evidence shows that 75% of frenulae can be left alone if mothers are given adequate help with latching).

Furthermore, because of Rachel’s experience in assessment, she is able to help guide you towards the best person to divide a frenulum when that is deemed necessary, as well as support you more precisely with feeding strategies according to the specific issues you are experiencing.

For more information on Rachel’s “tongue tie” services, CLICK HERE.